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This is your post for all your constructive criticism, plotting, or just general get-a-hold-of-Waffle needs.
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[So Jormungandr had gotten his own package. Upon opening it, he found it didn't contain anything, but his mouth tasted different. Different, but it was a familiar kind of difference.

He knows this taste.

It's the taste of his poison.


THROUGHOUT THE DAY should you encounter Jormungandr you may notice that he's licking his lips and the inside of his mouth... kind of a lot. He's still getting used to having the poison back, after all. It's not a new taste in general but it is for this form. It might be a little weird to witness, though.]
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Outside 839 Hastings

[Jormungandr doesn't usually check the mail, he doesn't really care. But today there's a package. And it's addressed to him. He picks it up and turns it over in his hands. It doesn't look particularly strange, nor does it weigh very much.

Jormungandr finds himself curious.

So he opens it. It's empty.

But suddenly he feels a whole lot stronger than he did before he opened the package.

He blinks, staring down at his hands.

When he heads back inside he accidentally pulls the door right out of the frame.



Around Town

[And now he'll be walking around town late afternoon/evening as he tests his regained strength on various things. Like trees in the park. Or cars parked on the street. He's not trying to show off, really. In fact he's trying not to draw attention to himself. But when you're pulling small trees right out of the ground, roots and all, you're bound to draw at least a little attention to yourself.]

((OOC: So yeah Jormungandr, who is naturally a HUGE ASS SEA MONSTER has regained a small amount of his natural strength. Put that into a human body and you basically get super strength. He's still getting used to it though, so he may be breaking stuff for a couple of days. But hey, he's already way tall. Now he's way strong, too. Best not mess with this guy.))


Aug. 13th, 2011 10:41 am
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[It's been two months and Jormungandr's patience has run out. The drones in his house have gotten on his very last nerve, and combined with all the anger and frustration that he's been building up over the town, his being brought there, the pointlessness of it all... well he's just had enough.

So bright and early this morning, he kills all the drones in his house. He knows it won't last, he's been told that death doesn't last here, but it helps. Relieves tension, as it were.

Anyone walking down Hastings Boulevard this morning will probably see Jormungandr. With blood on his clothes. Yup. He looks completely unperturbed by it.

By around midday he's managed to clean most of it off, but he's still walking around town with... strange red stains on his clothes and hands. Oh dear.

Dare you approach?]


Aug. 3rd, 2011 11:49 pm
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Jormungandr has been very seriously considering murdering all the drones at his job and burning down the building. He just doesn't see the point in all the paper that does nothing but have words that are meaningless but all the drones act like it's the most important thing in the world. They don't seem to understand that in a thousand years no one will care. It will not matter. It has never mattered. Ever.

But Jormungandr is nothing if not patient, and so he controls his irritation by exploring the town. He's found three bodies of water: the pond in the park, the lake, and the pool. He's been spending a lot of time at the pond and the lake just standing and staring.

Today, in fact, he can be found at the lake, or rather, in the lake, his shoes and socks carefully placed on the shore. He's standing a little ways away from the shore, the water coming up to his thighs... and he's still wearing his pants. He seems to not even notice or care that the pants are now soaked. No, instead he's staring out at the water, and quite possibly contemplating submerging himself under the water.

Feel free to bother him, but he may not be particularly... appreciative.


Jul. 26th, 2011 06:14 pm
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Jormungandr has been cheerfully informed by his drone wife that he has a job and he'd better get to it or there could be trouble. After some very frustrated one-word questioning, he was able to get the information he needed: where and what it is. It sounds completely pointless, but he's decided to at least go check it out.

It's office work. It's even more pointless than he thought it would be. But he's stuck with it, and if what he hears is correct, he has to do it or there are consequences. He is not happy.

So this afternoon/evening Jormungandr can be found in one of the following places:

A. The Park. [Jormungandr has discovered a small pond. He's barefoot, but an observer might notice that the shoes sitting nearby are soaking wet, as if he walked into the pond before taking them off then changed his mind. He's just standing there, staring at the water.]

B. Walking Around Town. [He doesn't look particularly happy. In fact, he looks pretty angry. He wants out of this town, even if it means going back to being trapped underneath the ocean. At least there he knew who he was and what his purpose was. The more he learns about this place, the more pointless, inane, and frustrating it becomes. He's got a foul look on his face as he wanders aimlessly.]

C. Phone Call. [He's watched the drone woman chatter on the phone enough that he thinks he understands what the purpose of it is. So this evening he's decided to try it himself. He picks up the phone, dials a random number, and waits. When you pick up he'll be quiet for a moment, a little astonished at how it works, but then there will be a quiet hiss. He's not good at talking, he can only manage a word or two at a time, and he still has trouble with hard sounds, especially the t sound. Also he hisses. It's a comfortable sound. He likes it.]

P-urposse. Job. Ssay purposse.

[Why yes that is his way of asking what the point of the jobs are. Give him a break, he's never had to talk before.]
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Jormungandr had been going through the whole day feeling like he was forgetting something incredibly important. His conversations with his wife and children had felt hollow and forced, almost unreal. He tripped over words at unexpected moments for little to know reason...

...and then he would be confronted with images of the ocean, a sense of immense vastness, and an immediate wrongness to... well, everything.

So, in the late afternoon, with still plenty of time before any barbeques or fireworks, he decided to go for a walk. Clear his head. Knock some sense into himself.

And so, on July Fourth, Jormungandr can be found roaming the town, perhaps with a look of vague confusion on his face.


Jun. 12th, 2011 06:05 pm
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[Introspection and Waking Up TL;DR] )

[ACTION] If you are about on the streets this fine evening, you may run into Jormungandr, walking slowly, tentatively, and looking around him with... vague interest. Stop and chat if you like, but he isn't going to be very talkative. He may not even understand a word you're saying.

Good luck.


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